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Petrol Station "Ali Company"

In addition to many years of business in the field of international transport, from 2018 we are expanding our business in the branch of services and trade in petrol and petroleum derivatives.

By choosing the highest quality fuels on the market, we contribute to the reduction of devastating gas emissions, as well as the preservation of Your vehicle. In addition to the service and sale of petrol and petroleum derivates, we offer a caffe and shop section within the petrol station.

By operating in the field of international transport and service of petrol and petroleum derivatives, we strive to provide our customers best-quality and professional service.

Along with the contentment of our customers and clients, our goal is the progress and improvement of our company.
The petrol station "Ali Company", as well as company, is located on the main road Tuzla-Orašje, in Ćehaje, Srebrenik.
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